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If you are looking for a quick sale, The Boot Doctor is committed to buying football boots as we are to selling them. The team have a wealth of experience in buying and endeavour to make selling your boots a hassle-free experience. We consider the condition and specification of a football boot before offering the fairest price possible. Once the boots have passed authenticity checks, you will be paid immediately. 
For us to consider an offer, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. As we receive hundreds of messages daily, we apologise in advance that we can't reply to them all. Please make sure that you include the make, model, condition, size and most importantly, price of your boots. If your message does not include a price we will not respond as we do not make offers on boots.   

The Consign service is particularly aimed at those with rare or expensive boots e.g. Collectors or Boot Enthusiasts. The Boot Doctor team can help you sell your boots through our website, social media and other means. We have an extensive reach via these platforms and can make use of our understanding of the market and vast network. 
We are here to help you and will not hold your pair back from making a sale, endeavouring to make you the most profit possible. We will agree a price up front which we are both happy with so you know what your return will be. Please fill out the form below including the make, model, condition, size and a rough price for your boots.  
Sell / Consign Form

Sell / Consign Form